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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi is for sale and the full sale price of $1,000,000 goes to a non-profit helping kids:  

Alaskan Gardens !


There is no other place like it in the world: The Alaskan Wall


Get  your name, or that of a loved one, permanently engraved and displayed  adjacent to the historic Iditarod Trail in Alaska - and help support a  positive environmental movement! Your special name will also be displayed on the Alaskan Gardens website!


Become a part of Alaska's history from the comfort of your living room!


In 2001 I began the construction of a  sturdy enclosure on my property a   few feet from the historic Iditarod Trail in South central Alaska. The   enclosure was built to protect the newly transplanted trees from the   many meandering moose. I carved a few names upon the enclosure and as   the number of names increased, I called the fence a wall, the Alaskan   Wall! Since 2001 many, many names have been added to the wall. I have   formed a non-profit corporation called the Alaskan Gardens. This   non-profit is a legitimate organization that is actively focused on a   re-forestry program in Alaska, and oversees the two enclosures which   protect a wide variety of migratory birds. If you would like to add a   name to the Alaskan Wall, send me a message, and I'll make it happen,   and we'll plant another tree as well!  And  on a final note, while your  contribution to the Alaskan Gardens is much  appreciated (and will be  fully used for the benefit of the  environment), you can also do your  part to help the earth in a small but  significant way, such as by  planting a tree, using less plastic,  traveling less, spaying or  neutering your dogs and cats, putting out a  bird feeder, spending  quality time with a child and being a righteous  citizen of the earth!  Make it a Great Day!

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